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For a full calendar of summer events, visit PROGRAMS-SUMMER EVENTS 2019.

Look here for periodic updates on the events of the C.S. Lewis Study Center – Northfield, MA, taking place in the historic home long known as “Green Pastures.”

REGISTER NOW! Join us June 19-21, 2019 for a retreat/conference entitled, “GOOD WORK: The Art of Doing Your Good Work Well.” 

We are looking forward to hearing from Christopher Armstrong, Kelly Madden, Kit and Tricia McDermott, Kirk Manten, the Still Small Theatre Troupe and others. A flyer is available on this site under PROGRAMS – SUMMER EVENTS 2019.

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Thank you for visiting our site… we hope you’ll be able to visit us in person in Northfield!

Mary Pomroy Key, Ph.D.
President, C.S. Lewis Study Center – Northfield

Scott B. Key, Ph.D.
Program Director
C.S. Lewis Study Center – Northfield

Gayne J. Anacker, Ph.D.
Chair of the Board of Trustees
C.S. Lewis Study Center – Northfield