Speaker’s Bureau

Seminars and Educational Resources Available
for Faith and Community Organization Presentations

  1. An Introduction to the Biblical Worldview – presents the basic contours of historical Christianity and to the concept of worldviews.  This discussion uses a PowerPoint and can be adequately covered between 60 to 90 minutes.

  2. An Introduction to the Chronicles of Narnia – provides “grown-ups” a look at the Narnia volumes as a multi-layered work that illuminates our understanding of the Gospel and our lives as followers of Christ.  This discussion uses a PowerPoint and readings from the Chronicles.  The length can vary according to the available timeframe.

  3. Is Theology Poetry?  This essay written by C. S. Lewis for the Socratic Club in Oxford seeks to answer a challenge to Christianity.  It is an illuminating essay and easily available online or in the collection of essays entitled:  The Weight of Glory.  Reading the essay prior to the discussion would enliven the discussion but is not absolutely necessary.  This discussion can be completed within 60 to 90 minutes.

  4. Dr. Cornelius and the Call to Virtuous Learning:  Prince Caspian and The Abolition of Man – is a brief paper that can be read in 25 minutes and will serve as an introduction to a discussion about Christian centered education, the cultural context in which we live, and the importance of the life of virtue.

  5. Virtue and Truth:  Aristotle in Middle Earth – is a brief paper which introduces the concept of virtue and points to the importance of the virtue of practical reason in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.  This discussion can be covered in 60 minutes or less.

  6. The Problem of Truth – is a PowerPoint based discussion of the nature of truth understood within the contours of the Christian worldview.  In addition to introducing the philosophical discussion concerning truth, it leads to very practical application for the Christ follower.  This discussion can be covered in 60 minutes.

  7. The Abolition of Man by C. S. Lewis – is one of his most challenging works.  This discussion seeks to present the basic ideas of the argument and provide the philosophical and theological foundations of this very relevant work.  This discussion needs two hours.

  8. The Importance of Christian Higher Education – offers a brief presentation and discussion of the need for Christian Higher Education in our day.  The length of time is variable and depends upon the interest and the discussion.

Please contact Dr. Scott B. Key, Vice President for Academic Initiatives, at skey@cslsc.org for additional information regarding scheduling educational consulting and seminar presentations.