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2022 Program Schedule


* Take heed! These are the Literary, not Film, Episodes, harkening back to the original novel by J.R.R. Tolkien; so if you are wondering what happens after the Rings of Power, this is it!
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Join the Fellowship!
7 pm Tuesdays throughout October 2022
All are welcome!
Not all those who attend must read ahead
(but you’ll enjoy it if you do!)
Attendance is encouraged for all sessions, though you’ll find each evening is also designed to be a stand-alone discussion.
Refreshments follow.
Suggested Donation: $5 per session

2022 Legacy of Lewis Series
Essays from C.S. Lewis’s The Weight of Glory
Four week seminar series led by Dr. Scott B. Key,
Vice President of Academic Initiatives, CSLSC

7 pm Tuesdays
“The Weight of Glory” – June 21
“Transposition” – June 28
“The Inner Ring” – July 5
“A Slip of the Tongue” – July 12


A Study of C.S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity
Book 3, Chapters 1-3

Three week seminar series led by Dr. Gayne J. Anacker,
Senior Fellow, CSLSC

7 pm. Tuesdays
“The Three Parts of Morality” – August 16

“The ‘Cardinal Virtues’” – August 23

“Social Morality” – August 30

All are welcome for any or all of the sessions. While it is recommended to attend the entire series, each session is also conveniently designed as a stand-alone topic. Reading the essay prior to the session is highly recommended, but not required.
Suggested donation: $5 per session.


Speaker’s Bureau

For a list of suggested topics, click “Speaker’s Bureau.” For information on scheduling a seminar or lecture at your church or community center, please contact Dr. Scott B. Key, Vice President for Academic Initiatives, at